Why is Overwatch Still Popular Over 3 Years Since Release? 

If you like to play multi-player first-person shooters, chances are you have played Overwatch. In many cases, you may still be playing it. Especially as Overwatch is still one of the most popular online games, more than three years since it was first released.

Why is Overwatch still so popular, and is it likely to continue?



It is a Blizzard game -- Overwatch was developed by Blizzard, one of the most successful video game developers in the world. That meant millions of gamers were going to try the game when it first released, simply due to who made it.

Once they realized how good the game was,however, they continued to return and play the game again and again.

It is one of South Korea's most popular games -- If you know anything about online games, you will know games that become popular in South Korea are hugely important for the game industry overall.

Especially as, if a game becomes popular, it is likely to spawn streaming events, online competitions and a large Korean eSports following that makes both players and the game famous.

Overwatch was quickly accepted into the South Korean eSports world as so many people were playing it, and so it easily became a big hit. That immediately meant even more people signed up to play the game themselves, as they wanted to see if they could emulate their favorite eSport players.

Once the huge popularity of Overwatch in South Korea became known worldwide, it immediately found a massive following in many other countries as well.

Strategy is key -- People who like games requiring a lot of strategy say they have never played a game as good as Overwatch. 

When you factor in it also requires teamwork if you are to win, then gamers who relish being assigned a role and playing it to the best of their ability find Overwatch one of the best games online.

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